Meenakshi Maheshwari


Abstract:- Empowerment of women is the desperate need for the hour. Empowerment of women capacitates sustainable rural and urban development by the uplifting the economic, social and political status of women in India. Empowering the women in these aspects is necessary to convert the idle society into self-sustainable society. Women empowerment can be achieved through provision of adequate education facilities, political support, and effective legislation system and employment generation for women. NGO’S and the self-help groups (SHG) play a very vital role towards women empowerment by providing basic education, vocational training, training for self-employment, legal aid, protection for women and self-awareness programs. Thus they are mainly concerned with the upliftment of the women in the society. This paper looks into the process through which women empowerment is achieved and the status of women is uplifted with the aid of NGOs in the Indian scenario. This paper discusses upon the empowerment of rural women by means of NGOs and the advantages entrepreneurship among the rural women. This paper seeks to explore some measures that should be adopted in order to position rural women as equal players in entrepreneurship and economic development.

Keywords:- Women Empowerment, Self Help Groups, Economic Development.

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Role of NGOs in Promoting Self Employment among Women.

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