Afrida Hashmi


Abstract:- The aim of this paper is to examine the customers’ perception and views towards the operational activities of Bhopal development authority and Gwalior development authority. The operational activities and practices conducted in BDA and GDA while focusing on some important factors i.e., general administration, marketing services, sustainability, quality of work, customer services, and customer satisfaction. This paper is an attempt to investigate the overall perception of the customers targeting pre and post buying behavior. This research study was surveyed on a variety of buyers of Bhopal and Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) based on various factors. The research findings revealed that most of the people buy the properties from BDA and GDA because they offer lowers price. The study also found that the properties which are nearby to the customers have been in higher demand. The buyers have less knowledge, information and literacy about housing development schemes. Only Bhopal and Gwalior city; no other cities, and rural part have been admitted in this study. Thus, the views from other cities and rural part remained untouched. In depth, quantitative outcome has not been flashed by the study because the subject and focus of this research study is customers’ perception; of which the connotation goes towards qualitative direction experts, officials, consultants, employees, managers and administrators of development authorities were not inducted in the research study.

Keywords:-  Knowledge, Awareness, Operational Activities and Linear Regression Analysis.

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