Sajad Ahamd Bhat


Abstract:- The present study aims at analysing the farmers Kissan credit card scheme is order to exhibit the farmers satisfaction about the Kissan Credit Card Scheme, awareness about Kissan Credit Card Scheme, and knowledge about Kissan Credit Card Scheme. Apart from this the study intends to study the perception of farmers towards existing Kissan Credit Card Scheme. A self-made Schedule (KCCS) was used for data collection.  The collected data was subjected to statistical treatment by using Mean, Standard Deviation and‘t’ test. The data was collected from Block Langate of District Kupwara. 25 literate and 25 illiterate respondents were selected by using purposive cum snowball sampling technique. The findings of the study indicate that there is significant difference between literate and illiterate beneficiaries. Literate beneficiaries were observed high level of satisfaction, knowledge and awareness towards Kissan Credit card Scheme. Apart from this, it was found that literate beneficiaries perceive that existing KissanCard Scheme should be evolved in its procedure.

Keywords:- Literate Beneficiaries, Illiterate Beneficiaries, Kissan Credit Card Scheme.

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