Dr.Umesh Chandra Srivastava


Those well knownNīlkantha sanctuary will be arranged Previously, Kāliñjara, a residential
community in the south-western corner from claiming region Banda, what's to come for U.
P. This sanctuary is committed should master Śiva. It may be truth be told an and only
those Kāliñjara fortress. This sanctuary need been attracting a considerable measure for
researchers since punctual times. Those fortress might have been 1st visited Toward top.
W. R. Pogson Also clinched alongside 1828 An. D. , he composed something like Nīlkaṇṭha
sanctuary Previously, as much book ‘A history of the Boondelas’1. He also composed
regarding ‘KāliñjaraMahātmya’ in this book2. It might have been then visited Toward
Maisey On 1848 a. D.

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