Dr. Jitendra Chouhan


The Research entitled "A study on consumer preference and satisfaction towards
food restaurant in Indore, Selected Consumer for Lower middle Segment. The primary
objective of this study is to find out the consumer preference and satisfaction in lower
middle segment for food restaurant. Service quality is a global judgment about the
superiority of a service, industries must achieve a quality service the exceed customer,
Delivering customer satisfaction is the heart of modern marketing theory and the level of
satisfaction may be influence by various attitudes from internal, external factor. From this
research paper we would understand that consumers are satisfied with and what makes
them happy and satisfied about the service. The research is done in Indore to target those
who visit food restaurants. The variable used for this research paper that is consumer
preference as a dependent variable and independent variables is Price. Sample data were
collected from different food restaurants. 200 sample sizes are considered data from
respondents. Factor analysis and regression technique are used to achieve the objective.
Good service and affordable price and customer satisfaction are very important for food

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