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Kishan Moolani Shatakshi Joshi Dr. Geeta Sharma


With the entries of Co-operative banks in the Indian banking structure, the agricultural and other small scale industries got amplified manifold, and co-operative banks gained popularity. The present research paper aims to analyze why people prefer to open their bank account in co-operative banks while having an option of such a large no. of commercial banks in the area. The study highlights the facilities provided and other factors affecting the customers in Indore region. For this, SPSS software has been used for factor analysis and a sample of 165 respondents of 6 co operative banks representing the customers have been analyzed.

Researchers have used a descriptive research design and a structured questionnaire has been used as a tool for data collection.

The main factors turned out which affect the customer’s attitude to prefer co-operative  banks are  way of handling customers, financial affordability, ease of access, convenience, financial stability, correspondence, rewarding benefits, feasibility and quick response.

The study also explore that there is an association between satisfaction and age.

Keywords: Banking, Cooperative bank, factors, financial affordability, customer’s satisfaction.

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