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Dr. Harish B. Bapat Misha Jain


Abstract - Mutual fund is an instrument of investment. It pools the saving of number of investors who share a common financialgoa. The collected money is invested in capital market instruments such as securities, debts and shares. The primary motive of any investment is to get maximum return with minimum risk and mutual fund provide the opportunity of investment in various schemes. Theincome generated is distributed among the investors depending on the number of units they own. Indian standard indices have shown an upward trend and the importance of mutual fund has increased significantly. The research provides an insight about the performance of mutual fund scheme. The present study focusses on the risk and return characteristics associated with mutual fund and facilitate investors in decision making. The analysis was done through various financial tools such as Average return, Sharpe ratio, Treynor ratio, Coefficient of determination and standard deviation.

Keywords: MutualFund, CapitalGains, Risk Return, Net Asset Value

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