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Dr. Pradeep Bhatt Dr. Uttam Rao Jagtap Dr. Digamber Negi


Abstract - In the present study the service quality perception of customers’ is measured for different attributes of life assurance services. Through extensive literature review the major service quality attributes for assessment of life assurance services were identified, which are: information & service delivery, physical excellence, value for premium accessibility, competence and ethical excellence, credibility and customer feedback. The study analyzed the effect of customer’s gender on their perception towards attributes of life assurance services. After applying t-test the results depicted that there was Gender wise significance difference observed in customers’ perception towards information and service delivery, value for premium and accessibility, and credibility dimension of life assurance services where as there was gender wise no significant difference observed in customers’ perception towards physical excellence, competence and ethical excellence and customer feedback dimension of life assurance services.

Keywords:- Gender, Service Quality, Life Assurance Services.

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